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Why I Love Being Married


Marriage gets a lot of bad attention. Start asking teens or young singles, and you may find a large percentage that aren't interested in ever getting married. To which I say, shame on the married folks for failing to communicate the thousand reasons there are to love marriage. In this article, you’ll get a sneak peak into my marriage, and why I love being married. Click here to read this article.

Why I Love Being Married2024-03-11T20:39:04-06:00

“I Could Lose Him”


There were days I thought I might kill my husband, but I certainly didn't want to lose him. There’s a difference. As a control freak, I hate losing things, and the thought that I might lose my husband struck terror. Click here to read this article.

“I Could Lose Him”2024-03-11T14:30:17-06:00
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