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Should We Have Sex While Separated?  

“Should we have sex if we’re separated?” Or, “Is it smart to have sex with your spouse if you’re separated?”

If you’ve wanted to know whether or not you should have sex with your spouse while you are separated, Dr. Joe Beam would like you to consider some pros and cons.

Specifically, there are three reasons having sex while separated could benefit your relationship. It may create a desire for closeness. It may bring about physical and emotional benefits for yourself and your spouse. And, it is best to have sex with your spouse- even if separated- rather than someone else.

There are also three reasons having sex while separated could not benefit your relationship. If you aren’t interested in reconciliation, it may create false hope for your spouse- please do not add to your spouse’s pain. It may also send a confusing message to your spouse if your spouse is having sex with you and the other lover.

In addition to the pros and cons, there are two other things to consider. One is if your spouse is remarried to someone else. If you still have sex, it can really hurt you and really hurt other people.

Another is if your spouse is involved with someone else. Your spouse may want you to do sexual things you haven’t done before. It’s important to be aware of this and consider how you may want to respond.

With all these considerations in mind, remember this: it is your choice whether or not you want to make love with your separated spouse.

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