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It can be frightening and frustrating. You believe, or are completely convinced, that your spouse is cheating on you… yet, you don’t have enough proof to absolutely know.

In this video, we’ll share a roadmap for you to assess whether or not it’s likely that your spouse is cheating. And, we’ll tell you what you can do moving forward.

We want to preface this by saying: be wise. Don’t immediately think an affair is happening if one of the things we mention is going on. Rather, make sure you read through and evaluate all of the options.

The key to the “Roadmap” (RDMAP) is this: something has CHANGED in your spouse in the following areas:

1. Responses- your spouse’s responses to you. They could be evading questions or accusing you. Remember, these responses do not necessarily mean infidelity has occurred. Your spouse could be hiding something ELSE.

2. Different treatment from your spouse’s family or friends. This could include discomfort, avoidance, or negative emotions.

3. Missing time, money, and/or affection.

4. Altered or new behaviors/appearance, beliefs and values, or family involvement.

5. Protected devices, places, or storage of things.

Remember to think BIG picture. If all of these are happening, it doesn’t necessarily mean infidelity or addiction, however, something may be going on that you may need to look into.

And, don’t snoop. You can lose your leverage to rectify the situation if you snoop.

So, what do you do next? Have a calm conversation. Do not attack or accusing, but explain how some changes have bothered you. Ask that your spouse respects you and tells the truth, but do not attack your spouse. It’s important that he/she feels SAFE to tell the truth.

But what can you do if your spouse does not open up? Continue to pay attention to signs. If evidence comes across, you can say you discovered it without snooping.

If you want to save your marriage, you’ll need the right kind of help. We work with people in these situations EVERY day across the world. Wherever you live, we can help with coaching, in-person workshops, online courses and online resources.

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