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Couples Turnaround Workshop

Helping People Save Their Marriages

Your Marriage Is Worth Saving


Marriage isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would get married and stay married. But whenever people are involved, things get messy. Frustration turns to hurt, and hurt turns into resentment. And before you know it, divorce creeps into the conversation. 

That’s why we created the Marriage Helper Workshop. This three-day intensive is designed to help you learn about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage—and give you the tools you need to build a strong, healthy relationship. 

With a 70% success rate, the Marriage Helper Workshop has helped thousands of couples repair their marriages and find peace with themselves and one another—and the same can be true for you.

See What the Workshop Is Like

Hope Is Possible

Has your marriage fallen apart? 

Even if it feels like it’s too far gone, we believe there is still hope!

Even if you’ve been affected by an affair, loss of connection, poor communication, lack of intimacy, or control issues – we can help.

“But I’ve already tried everything to repair my marriage”

We hear you. So many of our workshop graduates have tried nearly everything under the sun… but nearly all of them walk away thinking…

“I wished I learned this sooner.”

One couple even spent over $50k on counseling before finding Marriage Helper. 

Marriages fall apart for lots of reasons. Maybe for you it’s an affair, loss of connection, poor communication, lack of intimacy, control. 

Maybe you’ve tried everything to repair your marriage, and it hasn’t worked. Maybe couples therapy was a bust, and reading marriage books didn’t change anything. Maybe you’re exhausted, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel.

But . . . maybe there’s hope.

Whatever issues you and your spouse are facing, however long you’ve been trying to make it work—a better future is possible. The Couples Turnaround Workshop will show you how.


How It Works

“Our marriage is better, our friendship is better. For those feeling discouraged, there is hope.”


Why Marriage Helper

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There are a lot of marriage workshops out there. So how do you know which one is right for you? At Marriage Helper, it’s not just about the information—it’s about the results. 

Seventy percent of couples who attend the Couples Turnaround Workshop save their marriage, and 99% of attendees say they would recommend the program, regardless of the outcome of their marriage.

What’s Covered

The workshop covers four main areas:

  1. How to Fall In Love Again
    Our 4-step process called “The LovePath” teaches you how people fall in love and how people fall out of love. You’ll learn how to use this process to rescue your marriage, even if only one person follows it.
  2. How to Find Peace
    Whether or not you decide to save your marriage, you’ll learn how to navigate that decision and how to find peace moving forward.
  3. How to Stop Conflict With Your Spouse
    You’ll receive an in-depth assessment about your communication style and learn how to resolve conflict so both of you win the argument.
  4. How to Leave With a Plan and Hope
    By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a game plan for how to move forward with your marriage. You’ll understand more about yourself, your spouse, and you’ll gain new hope for the future.

What If I Don’t Want to Save My Marriage?

It’s not uncommon for one spouse to want to save the marriage while the other wants to move on. Although the goal of The Couples Turnaround Workshop is ultimately to save marriages, no one will preach at you or twist your arm to stay married. What you’ll learn over these three days will benefit you and your family no matter what decision you make for the future of your marriage.

Hear What Couples Are Saying

“The workshop was a HUGE success! It helped us understand each other better, teaching us to speak our feelings and to be transparent with each other. Whatever your situation, the workshop will help! If there is HOPE there is a chance! The workshop was a blessing that saved our marriage. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

–  John and Sarah from Los Angeles

“By the end of the weekend we walked out with a much better understanding of relationships and how to make a marriage work. It was an emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting weekend! We walked in scared, nervous, upset . . . and walked out happier and a lot closer. We were even approached by a few people who noticed how our expressions changed over the weekend.”

–  Joe and Diane from Tennessee

“[The workshop] was an extremely important first step for us in turning our marriage and our lives around. Today, four years later, we are very different people than we were when we went through the workshop. We still use what we learned and have a stronger marriage because of it. I think if we had not had his program, we may not have made it through the most difficult part of our life. We know that attending the workshop helped put us on the right path.”

–  Patrick and Pam from Tennessee

Hear What Experts Are Saying

Upcoming Workshop Dates

August 26–28, 2022

Couples Workshop (Online)

September 9–11, 2022

Couples Workshop (In-Person)

Solo Spouse Workshop (Online)

September 23–25, 2022

Couples Workshop (Online)

Couples Workshop (In-Person)

October 7–9, 2022

Couples Workshop (Online)

Couples Workshop (In-Person)

October 21–23, 2022

Couples Workshop (Online)

Couples Workshop (In-Person)


In-Person: Friday and Saturday: 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m., Sunday: 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

Online: Friday and Saturday: 8 a.m.–6:00 p.m., Sunday: 1 p.m.–7 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to the other toolkits as part of the membership?2022-11-17T11:47:36-06:00

No, your membership gives you access to just the Save My Marriage Course. You can add access to the toolkits – in our Toolkit Upgrade module for an additional fee.

I have been to the Couples Turnaround Workshop, should I join the Save Membership?2022-11-17T11:46:09-06:00

We have a special membership offer for Couples Workshop graduates with workshop-specific resources included, please contact your client representative or email us at to find out more.

What is the discount on coaching that members get?2022-11-17T11:45:08-06:00

As an active member, you will get $50 off a 55-minute 1:1 Coaching session, so it is $149 instead of the regular price of $199. Members also get access to purchase a 25-minute 1:1 session for just $79.

Are support calls recorded if I can’t make them live?2022-11-17T11:44:14-06:00

Yes, they are recorded and available for playback after the session in case you miss a session or want a recap.

What time are the weekly live support calls?2022-11-17T11:42:29-06:00

We currently have 3 support calls per week included in the membership, these are taking place on Monday at 12 noon CT, Wednesday at 7 pm CT, and Thursday at 9 am CT. These dates and times are subject to change. The calls take place on zoom and are run by a Marriage Helper Certified Coach, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and the coaches are on camera and answer these questions live.

What are the weekly challenges included in the membership?2022-11-17T11:40:52-06:00

At various times during the month we will host a weekly challenge within the membership. Videos are posted each day by one of our coaches, and you are encouraged to join in the challenge to refocus yourself. Past challenges have focused on saving your marriage, reconciling, acceptance, and dealing with pain.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?2022-12-28T08:30:18-06:00

Yes, your membership is $79/month and payment will be taken each month on the same day of the month that you signed up. You can cancel at any time, you can manage your membership in your profile section. 

Should I sign up if I am new to Marriage Helper?2022-11-17T11:38:22-06:00

Absolutely, our membership includes the resources you need to start your marriage-saving journey.

Is this course right for my situation?2020-10-21T08:50:37-06:00

Yes. If your spouse is disengaged and won’t communicate, yes. If you feel shut out or ignored, yes. If you’ve stopped contacting your spouse or you’ve contacted your spouse every single day, yes. (Because no contact is NOT good. And, flooding the communication with your spouse is also NOT good. You’ll learn more about this the Toolkit.)

Why do I need a course? Can’t I reconcile on my own?2020-10-01T08:30:44-06:00

Reconciliation is a difficult and bumpy road. For the first time ever we are providing a proven process and framework, so that you and your spouse can learn to navigate this road with the absolute best possible way forward.  We guide you through a system called the 5 E’s, so both of you can explore know what you are getting into with the reconciliation process and take time to process what you both want and need to move forward in a healthy way. We give you a framework of questions to ask each other and items to discuss and guide you to a point of both making a decision if you are willing to move forward and what that would look like.

Is this course right for me?2020-10-01T08:29:25-06:00

This course is right for you if: you and your spouse are considering reconciling, you may be in a situation where your spouse is back, you’re talking more, you’re getting on better and they are interested in looking into working on the marriage. You don’t need to be ready to make a commitment to reconciliation yet – this will help you walk through this decision and the things to consider to do that.  Even if you or your spouse are hesitant, you’re saying “I don’t know if things can actually change”, or “I’ve been hurt before and I don’t know I can do this.” This course is also for you if you both are committed to reconcile but don’t know the best steps to take to walk through it. This course is not right for you if:  your spouse isn’t yet on board and willing to at least consider the possibility of reconciling the marriage, whether they are still checked out of the marriage, not interested in talking to you etc. If this is your current situation, the best thing you can do right now is look at our Save My Marriage Course – a course designed for the spouse who wants to save their marriage.

Why should I trust you?2020-09-30T13:56:52-06:00

Great question. We know that you’ve probably been hurt by others in the past who promise to save your marriage, only to find information that doesn’t work or drives your spouse further away. I understand that you’re hesitant. I hope you understand our heart. At Marriage Helper, we seek to save marriages and strengthen families by teaching principles that you can apply to your specific situation.

Every marriage is different. Therefore, there’s no 3-step plan that is going to work for every single marriage. We understand this. That’s why we have created the Exploring Reconciliation Video Series in such a way that it teaches you principles that will work for every situation. Then, when it gets to the nitty-gritty specifics of your situation, we aren’t going to leave you hanging. We will do our best to help you navigate the specifics of your situation as well.

We’ve been helping marriages for 20 years. We’d love to help yours, too.

What is the difference between the Exploring Reconciliation Course and the Marriage Helper Workshop?2022-03-25T14:21:56-06:00

The Exploring Reconciliation course is an online video series that deals SPECIFICALLY with providing guidance to help you and your spouse explore whether you are ready to make a decision to reconcile your marriage, and from there the steps to go through to do this. This video series is intended for any marriage where both people are willing to work on the marriage. It is the PERFECT follow up for people who have attended the Couples Turnaround Workshop!

The Marriage Helper Turnaround Workshop is our top of the line marriage help for marriages in crisis. If your marriage is on the brink of divorce, this is the workshop for you. This workshop holds a success rate at saving 3 out of 4 marriages.

What do I get with the Exploring Reconciliation Course?2020-09-30T13:58:09-06:00

Once you register for the Exploring Reconciliation Course, you will receive the following:

  • A secure username and password for you to access the video series at your convenience.
  • Your own access to the course complete with 8 modules of lessons, guided exercises, and assessments to navigate you and your spouse through exploring reconciliation and the reconciliation process.