A question we receive a lot here at Marriage Helper is this: Can my spouse ever forgive me?

After marriage problems such as infidelity or control, forgiveness is something important that MUST happen before a relationship can truly be saved and changed for the better. However, for the spouse who had the affair or controlled their spouse, they’re not sure where to start. Maybe you hurt your spouse emotionally and now they want out of the marriage. How do you start to repair the marriage? Forgiveness is a crucial step in the process of reconciliation.


Forgiveness can be difficult to both give and receive.

When we’ve been hurt, especially by a loved one, that pain will take time to heal. The first and most important key to remember is that you can’t force forgiveness. Accept that your spouse has the right to forgive you or not. But is there a way to get your spouse to forgive you?

Forgiveness must be earned. You can take several actions to aid this process, but everyone grieves at a different pace. Continuing to apologize might do more damage to your marriage than good. So, after you clearly, sincerely, and humbly apologize, continue to work on being the best version of yourself through working on physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attraction.


No matter what happened, we believe that there is hope.

Forgiveness and reconciliation CAN take place if you’re willing to put in the work. It may not be easy, but it is possible to have a better marriage than you did before. You may think that sounds crazy, but we’ve seen it happen. Marriages that seemed hopeless because of past hurt can turn around and become the best they’ve ever been.

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Remember, there is always hope. We want to help you however we can.