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We Love Each Other But Can’t Seem To Make It Work

With Dr. Joe Beam

A More Realistic View Of An Amazing Relationship

You love each other. But you’re frustrated. When things are good, you think “This is what I’ve always wanted.” Then…trouble. One of you says something. Does something. And then things go off track pretty fast. You still love each other, but that’s not what you’re feeling at the moment. No. You’re upset. Angry. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you…or your mate…or maybe even with the whole idea of two people being able to live happily ever after.

Well…they can’t.

Wait. Don’t give up. I’m NOT saying you can’t have an amazing relationship, but I AM saying that you need to get rid of that idea of utopia…that “happily ever after” fantasy. It’s a fairytale. La-la land. The only people who live happily in la-la land are people who don’t live in reality.

But life IS real. And so IS what you feel for each other. I mean the love part. I also mean the frustrated part, the sometimes angry part, the occasional “wouldn’t it be great if something magically changed” part.

I assure you that you can have a fulfilling, loving marriage.

However, there is something that has to be different from what you’re doing now if you’re going to make it happen. Most people – good people, smart people, successful people – never figure it out. Either they finally leave the person that for a time was the love of their life…or they decide to stay together but find fulfillment in some other way…maybe a job, a hobby, a dream.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your dreams, but also have a deep, fulfilling, and satisfying relationship with this person you love

…well, at least love most of the time

…who sometimes drives you crazy…when you’re not the one doing the driving?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the kind of relationship with you mate that others don’t even know is possible?

But.. What If Nothing Has Helped So Far?

You Tried Reading Books..

If you’re thinking, “But we’ve tried to have an amazing relationship! We read this book and that one that everyone said will show us the way. It helped…for a while…then we were right back to where we were before. Well, actually a little worse because now we resent what the other person does because the book clearly said what we should and shouldn’t do…”

You Tried Counseling Or Therapy..

Or perhaps you tried marriage counseling …maybe even with a therapist that was recommended to you by someone who had great success with that person…but it didn’t work for you.

Maybe there was too much time talking about what’s wrong… or digging up past hurts…or maybe even digging into each other because your therapist thought you should hear what the other person REALLY feels. That’s often a good thing, hearing what the other person really feels, but that can be quite traumatic when either of you feels attacked. Then, rather than being drawn closer, you leave that office nursing your wounds and thinking “I NEVER want to do that again!”

You Listened To Some Advice..

Friends…family…Facebook…there is no lack of people who think they know exactly what you should do. They are very vocal and insistent that you follow their advice. After all, they’re convinced they’re “experts” on the subject because of their experiences or what they’ve seen others go through. Oh, I know, they mean well, but unfortunately their advice is very often the worst you can get.

So.. Is There Any Hope?

Is there any hope?

Can you smooth out your differences, overcome your troubles, and make your relationship healthy and fulfilling?


And now you’re waiting for me to give the sales pitch…like, “Yeah, now that you’ve told us everyone else is wrong, you’re going to tell us that YOU’RE the person with all the answers.”

Hey, if you’re looking for the person with all the answers, tell me if you find them. I’d love to meet someone who’s perfect and who knows everything.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have very valuable information that for the last 25 years I’ve shared with hundreds of thousands of people…information that has revolutionized their relationships.

If you want to make your relationship work, but it’s gradually getting worse no matter what you try, we CAN show you how to change it. It’s NOT magic. Nor is it some pill you swallow, some magic phrase you repeat occasionally, or something that just happens because you’re good people.

No, it’s not that easy.

If you’re drifting apart, if things are going the wrong direction even though you love each other, don’t think it’s finally going to turn itself around. If you could do that on your own, you would have done it already.

What can you do?

Realize That There Are Relationship Principles

First, it requires that you understand crucial relationship principles that people typically never figure out on their own…and typically don’t learn from others, even marriage counselors.

Understand How To Interact With Your Spouse

Then, it requires understanding each other on a level that’s deeper than what you have now. No, not some kind of psycho-something that’s the latest fad found in someone’s book.. or that your therapist just went to a seminar about. And certainly not by ripping into each other’s flaws, even if guided by a counselor.

I mean first understanding things about you that you likely don’t know yet…then understanding each other in ways that matter.

It means changing the way you interact so that you truly can be best friends. By the way, that’s also the right path to becoming creative lovers.

The Big Question: Can A Seemingly Hopeless Marriage Ever Change?

For decades people have asked me “Can any marriage be made fulfilling? Even the ones that have tried and nothing has worked? Or even the ones that seem hopeless?” And for a quarter of a century, I’ve replied with confidence based on a lot of experience with thousands of couples:

Yes. In one way it’s simple. Stop doing the things destructive to your relationship and start doing the things that will take it to the level of love and intimacy that you want to have. In another way, it’s hard because until you can identify what to stop and what to start, this won’t happen…and identifying those things…then changing the way you interact…takes some work. BUT with the right help, it’s extremely doable.

If you want your marriage to be good, really good, headed in the right direction rather than where it’s headed now – then come spend three-days with us to learn what to stop doing and what to start doing.

It’s not counseling or therapy but a relaxed workshop in a comfortable setting with other couples, some of whom have really blown it with each other…some of them not sure they want to be married to each other…where you will discover life-altering information and then figure out how it applies to you, your life, and your relationship.

Not magic. A reset.

Getting you on the right path to live not in la-la land but in reality…a reality that includes loving, liking, and enjoying each other the way you want it to be.

Three Days That CAN Change Everything

Spend three days with us. Three days that CAN change everything that happens from this point on.

Of course, that part’s up to you.

We’ll show you how. You’ll get to know amazing information about life, love, and living together. If you need more after the three days, we can arrange phone coaching for either for one or both of you as long as you wish.

What about it? Want to keep trying on your own? Or retrying the things that haven’t worked? In other words, keep heading the direction you’re headed now? Or are you ready to find out about how over the last 25 years we’ve helped thousands of couples change their relationships and their lives?

It’s as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call. We’ll answer your questions and tell you about what we offer. No pressure. You’ll talk with a Client Representative who genuinely cares about marriages…and cares about you. I know that because the only people who work for our nonprofit organization are those who do care.

If you call and all our Client Representatives are talking to others, they’ll call you back.

Because I care, I ask you to spend a few minutes on the phone to discover whether what we offer is for you.

If you want your marriage to be good, really good, and headed in the right direction then come spend three-days with us to learn what to stop doing and what to start doing. It’s not counseling or therapy but a relaxed workshop in a comfortable setting with other couples. You will discover life-altering information and figure out how it applies to you, your life, and your relationship. Learn more here:

Your relationship is worth it. So are you. Call us now: 866-903-0990 or fill out this form here to speak to a Client Representative.