Ultimatums In Relationships


An ultimatum says that a specific thing needs to stop or occur in a certain time frame. Is there a place for ultimatums in relationships? Can they be a helpful tool, or are they just another type of control?

Ultimatums In Relationships2022-05-27T14:00:11-06:00

Married To A Controlling Wife


Being controlled by anyone is terrible, but it's especially painful when the person controlling you is the person who should be the most accepting of you. So what do you do if you're married to a controlling wife?

Married To A Controlling Wife2022-05-23T13:53:19-06:00

Strong Wife/Submissive Husband: Find Success in Marriage


Recently, I interacted with a couple... The wife had a very strong personality and the husband was more laid back. Now that doesn't make her better than him or him worse than her, that's not what we're talking about here. It's just very different temperaments, very different ways of approaching life.

Strong Wife/Submissive Husband: Find Success in Marriage2024-03-06T14:35:19-06:00
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