How To Get Your Spouse To Make You Happy


I’m going to explain some of the things that you can start asking yourself, and things you can do to move forward when you feel like your spouse isn't making you happy. 

How To Get Your Spouse To Make You Happy2021-03-24T10:22:04-06:00

Can Date Nights Really Save Your Marriage?


The challenge to pursue your spouse daily can be difficult at times, but if you remain grounded in a healthy foundation of communication and quality time, you will both be better for it!

Can Date Nights Really Save Your Marriage?2024-03-05T15:46:39-06:00

Stuck At Home With Your Spouse?


My husband shared a meme with me yesterday which said, “With no sports on TV due to March Sadness. I got to know my wife. She’s actually really nice. Works in the medical field.”  We laughed. For a minute. And then I thought… it’s a little too true for comfort.  If you’re reading this article on the day we posted it… then you are probably stuck at home, with the rest of America (or half of the world) with your husband or your wife. Quarantined.  And even if your marriage is fine, being stuck in a house with your spouse and maybe even your kids for the never-ending foreseeable future can be overwhelming… (and stressful!)

Stuck At Home With Your Spouse?2022-08-08T09:47:35-06:00
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