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Welcome To The Course!

We’re so excited to give you a sneak peek of our course: Exploring Reconciliation.

We hate that you’ve been through the pain that led you to where you are, but we are happy you are considering the possibility of putting the marriage back together.

We’re going to be teaching you a 5 Step System for reconciliation.

Enjoy the first lesson of this new course for free!

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Exploring Reconciliation Introduction

How The Course Works

Exploring Reconciliation is led by Dr. Joe Beam (Marriage Helper Founder and Chair), Kimberly Holmes (Marriage Helper CEO), and Jim Pourteau (Director of Marriage Helper Coaching). This course is broken up into eight sections, and you can work through the content at your own pace! If you follow this system, you dramatically increase the likelihood of putting your marriage back together. The main mistake couples make is operating under old information to try and fix their situation. Rather, you need to create a NEW Marriage.

In this course, you will learn what TO do and what NOT to do at each stage of reconciliation.

Easing Into Reconciliation
Explore Part 1 – Tough Conversations
Explore Part 2 – Understanding Your Spouse
Explain Part 1 – Negotiation
Explain Part 2 – Compromise
Engage – Making A Decision
Excel – True Vision

Exploring Reconciliation is a system and we want you to follow the system as it is designed for the best chance of success.

If anything works, this will.

We’re not guaranteeing that it’s a magic potion. That if you do exactly what we tell you to do, everything’s going to be easy. However, we guarantee that this is best shot you can give your relationship for true reconciliation.

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