Divorce can be as painful and confusing for your children as it is for you. If you’ve realized “my children won’t talk to my spouse,” there’s still hope.

Research from all over the world has proven that marital issues, when children are involved, affect them as well. After divorce occurs, 25% of fathers will no longer see their child after the first year. This percentage increases to 50% around the five to the ten-year mark. 

So, how can you help to mitigate those chances?

Your spouse will have to make their own decision to stay in their child’s life and be a positive influence. Instead, reassure your child how much they are loved. Assure your child that you love them very much and that your spouse does as well. Your spouse might already be feeling guilt from not spending enough time with their child, so you telling them they’re having problems at school or behavioral issues because they’re not around could push them further away.

How can you help your children’s relationship with your spouse?

If they’re old enough and willing, the best strategy here is to have the child themself talk to the absent spouse and explain their feelings. So, if your child can’t or won’t have the discussion, you should still try to talk with your spouse yourself tactfully.

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Forgiveness is a crucial part of letting go of the anger you have toward another person. Reconciliation is optional, but there are many times when it is the best decision to heal the relationship. Especially if there are children involved. Download our free eBook The Ultimate Guide To Reconciliation.

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