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About Our Founder and CEO

kimberly holmes with marriage helper

Kimberly Holmes, CEO

Kimberly Beam Holmes is passionate about saving marriages and strengthening families while helping people become the best versions of themselves. During her five-year tenure as CEO of Marriage Helper, she has led the company to quadruple financially and grow to more than 200,000 followers per month across multiple platforms. Because of their unique process, Marriage Helper has a 77 percent success rate in saving marriages. A frequent speaker at women’s conferences and alongside Dr. Joe Beam at marriage events, Holmes holds a master’s degree in psychology from North central University. She lives in Tennessee with her husband of 11 years and her two children adopted from India. Read more→

Dr. Joe Beam, Founder and Chair

An internationally known and respected sexologist and authority on love, marriage and sex. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney. He is the founder and chair of Marriage Helper based in Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Saving marriages is not an occupation for Dr. Beam. It is a mission – a mission that has consumed his heart for decades. He has designed and developed courses, workshops and seminars to help troubled marriages. He has been seen on nationwide media and spoken to countless couples through live seminars, dedicated radio programs and books. Today he dedicates most of his time to researching and developing new ways to help couples in crisis. Read more→

Dr. Joe Beam with Marriage Helper

About Marriage Helper

Marriage Helper rebuilds marriages and strengthens families through online resources, courses, and marriage coaching. The organization’s unique approach—using practical tips and relationship tools based on proven research and real world experience—has been used by hundreds of thousands of people, helping marriages in many different stages of the marital life cycle, including: pre-married, marriages in crisis, and marriages that are reconciling. 


Our Mission

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kimberly holmes with marriage helper
Dr. Joe Beam with Marriage Helper

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