Here’s What You’ll Learn:
This video goes through a STEP BY STEP plan of the 5 steps to take when approaching your spouse about seeking marriage help. The first 60 minutes teach that plan. The last 30 minutes are a Q&A answering people’s common questions.

This video is just for YOU to watch. This is not meant to share with your spouse.

Here are the downloadable slides from the teaching:

Bootcamp – How to Get Your Spouse to Say Yes to Getting Marriage Help

How to use this video:

  • In this video, we will teach you something that you REALLY need to understand before approaching your spouse
  • It is one of the biggest problems that happens in every marriage
  • This problem leads to one or both spouses shutting down completely
  • Learn how to reverse it…even if your spouse has no desire

Feel free to share this video with your spouse!

If you are wanting your spouse to agree to go to the Marriage Helper 911 Workshop, this video can help show your spouse the kinds of things we teach at the workshop.

If you are wanting your spouse to get another kind of marriage help with you, this video is still great at teaching a principle that will help all relationships.

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Video for Hesitant Spouse

How to use this video:

If your spouse is hesitant to get marriage help with you, this video will help your spouse think through some things before disagreeing completely.

Click here to share the video with your spouse. 

Downloadable Slides

For How to Choose the Right Kind of Marriage Help

Bootcamp- How to Select Types of Marriage Help PDF