How Do I…?


Save my marriage when my spouse wants out?

It may seem impossible…but it’s not. When everyone else gives up on a marriage, we step in and teach you how. The impossible IS possible. Here’s How→


Win my spouse back and fix my marriage?

Falling in love is a process. At Marriage Helper, we call it the LovePath. You’ve fallen in love before, and you can do it again by using something we call the PIES. Learn More Here.


Get my spouse to talk to me?

If your spouse won’t talk to you and you are trying your best to get him/her to talk…then you need to know how to use SMART contact. Click here to watch the video.


Know if my marriage can be saved?

You want hope and reassurance. I can’t guarantee you that your marriage WILL be saved, but I can tell you that no matter what has happened your marriage CAN be saved. We can help. Take this assessment to see what the real problem is in your marriage and how you can start saving it→


Find stories of hope? Feel alone? Need some hope?

Click here to see stories of hope from couples just like you.


Learn more about how MH can help my marriage?

We have a couple of different ways we can help…and the best way is to contact us! Call us at 866.903.0990 and we will guide you to the best fit. Or you can find more about all our programs here.


Find the dates for Marriage Helper workshops?

We would love to have you at a workshop! Here’s our workshop calendar→