How Insecurity In Men Affects Marriage


Everyone has insecurities of some sort. These insecurities can present themselves in many ways, both emotionally and physically. Let's look at some common ways insecurity in men can manifest in marriage.

How Insecurity In Men Affects Marriage2022-06-27T09:13:26-06:00

Infatuation vs. Love


Have you ever felt the excitement of new love? When love begins, it’s thrilling, and you think about the person often. But is this genuinely love, or is it infatuation? And if it is true love, will it last?

Infatuation vs. Love2022-06-20T09:50:17-06:00

Why Do You Love Someone? How People Fall In Love


Did you know there's a process to falling in love? At Marriage Helper, we call it the LovePath. Whether you knew it or not, you followed a process that led you to fall in love with your spouse.

Why Do You Love Someone? How People Fall In Love2022-06-13T11:30:20-06:00

How Do I Get My Spouse To Forgive Me?


Forgiveness can be difficult to both give and receive. When we’ve been hurt, especially by a loved one, that pain will take time to heal.

How Do I Get My Spouse To Forgive Me?2022-06-08T07:47:49-06:00

Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore


Something has changed in your marriage, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You’re trying not to panic, but you can’t shake this feeling that your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore2022-06-06T10:00:26-06:00

Ultimatums In Relationships


An ultimatum says that a specific thing needs to stop or occur in a certain time frame. Is there a place for ultimatums in relationships? Can they be a helpful tool, or are they just another type of control?

Ultimatums In Relationships2022-05-27T14:00:11-06:00

Married To A Controlling Wife


Being controlled by anyone is terrible, but it's especially painful when the person controlling you is the person who should be the most accepting of you. So what do you do if you're married to a controlling wife?

Married To A Controlling Wife2022-05-23T13:53:19-06:00

Why Does My Husband Look At Other Women Online?


You’ve caught your husband looking at other women online. Do you scream, rant, cry, or throw things? While that might be an understandable response, it’s not the best way to try and solve the situation.

Why Does My Husband Look At Other Women Online?2022-05-18T13:16:06-06:00
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