Looking For Marriage Counseling?

Don’t know where to start by finding a counselor? Who to trust? Where to go? 

At Marriage Helper, we want to help you fix your marriage problems, and we can help you do that with our Marriage Coaching.
Our Marriage Coaching is different than Counseling.
Our coaches will help guide you to the end goal you are looking for in fixing your marriage problems, whether you are:

  • Fighting all the time and can’t seem to agree

  • Never fight and avoid talking about anything

  • Married but in love with someone else

  • Married to someone who is in love with someone else

  • Separated

  • Living in the same house but not talking

  • In the middle of a divorce

  • …and so much more.,,

In fact, there is no marriage issue that we HAVEN’T worked with, and still, the tools we teach at Marriage Helper have a success rate at saving 3 out of 4 marriages!
All of our Marriage Coaches are trained with the Marriage Helper Certification – which is EXTREMELY selective.
All of our coaches have overcome marriage problems themselves, so they know how you feel and will work alongside you to get you to the marriage you want to have.
Our coaches are PRO-MARRIAGE, and they will always give you hope and a guide forward to how to make your marriage work. You can be rest assured that we would never recommend divorce, trial separation, or anything that would make your marriage worse.

Our Marriage Coaches are available all different hours of the day so that we can work with clients all over the world. From Dubai to London to Australia to Canada and all of the 50 states, we work with couples just like you ON YOUR SCHEDULE.
No commuting, sitting in traffic, or worrying about running late. Our coaches are available over phone, Facetime, Skype…whatever YOU are most comfortable with.

Counseling sessions can easily cost anywhere from $150 to $300 per session (plus the first session is typically more expensive as an intake session).
We offer our coaching in packages. Why? Because we know that you aren’t going to get you the results you are looking for in only 1 session. We want to walk alongside you, guiding you to that end result you are looking for.
Our 3 package coaching sessions start at $395, saving you anywhere from $107 to $507!