So, you did what most people would call a mistake. Yet, you know it wasn’t a mistake. You knew what you were doing. You cheated on your spouse. Now you’ve been caught cheating, and you’re trying to decide, what do I do next?

Do I try to put the marriage back together? Is it possible to put it back together? Or should I just go ahead and leave because of what’s happened? Those are important questions to discuss.

Most of the time, we hear from the person trying to decide whether or not they want to stay in the marriage. In other words, the spouse who caught their spouse cheating; we hear from them a lot more.

But we do hear from people who say, “I was the one who cheated; the one who went out on my spouse. I did what I shouldn’t have done.” And so, to those people, I think we have a very good message to help you understand the path forward. Because the fact that you did cheat may be you saying, “I’m not sure what I want in life.”

If that is the person listening to this, then we want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to think about this and make a good decision. We have worked with a lot of people in the past where they have been the one who had an affair, but because they feel so guilty about it, they feel like they can’t undo the pain and the harm that they’ve caused.

There’s this feeling of, “Let me move on, let me go ahead and do the divorce.” Not because they don’t want to try and make it work. They just don’t think they can repair the harm that they’ve done. But what we have seen so many times is that people really can forgive what has occurred, strengthen their marriage, and move forward to have something better than they ever had before.

You’re trying to make up your mind. What will you do next?

In this episode of Relationship Radio, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Holmes cover what to do when you’ve been caught cheating on your spouse.

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