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An Open Letter to New Marriage Reality TV Casting Agency


Here’s the inquiry we received on our website (names removed): Came across your website, I’m reaching out because [casting company] and a major cable network are currently casting a new show looking for monogamous married couples who are willing to participate in a social experiment for a new TV series that will explore the boundaries of their relationship. Wanted to check in to see if you knew any couples who might be going through a crisis or hardships in their relationship and wanted marriage counseling and guidance and might be interested in exploring an open relationship for the first time. If so, feel free to forward this email over to them or share any info on your page. If you have any questions, I’m open to giving you more details. Full Article.

How To Save Your Marriage If Your Spouse Wants Out


The person that you love, who once so deeply loved you, now treats you as if you are the enemy. You long for any sign of affection; a hug, a smile, even a kind word. You pray that it will be once again what it once was. You ache in a way you cannot explain, a pain that never subsides during the day and that wakes you at night. Read This Article.