In this program, Dr. Joe Beam introduces a new way to understand control. He will explain and demonstrate WHY one person tries to control another and HOW that control manifests itself. He clarifies three different motivations that cause a person to control and exposes the methods they use.

To help you evaluate whether you are being controlled…or if you are the one who is controlling…Dr. Beam introduces an acronym that you can use immediately to identify controlling motivations and behaviors. With that knowledge you can stop being controlled…or stop controlling.

PLUS: Because Dr. Beam works with many marriages in crisis, he will explain how control works when one spouse wants to end a marriage and the other tries to save it. If your partner wants out and has accused you of controlling because you are trying to save your relationship, Dr. Beam will help you determine whether that is accurate and if not, how to approach saving your marriage going forward along with how to interact with your spouse if he/she is claiming that you are being controlling.

– Could your partner be right? Are you trying to control? If so, what do you change?

– Could your partner be trying to manipulate you to stop you from standing for your marriage? If so, what do you NOT change?

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