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Welcome to The Course

Welcome to the course! Start by watching this introductory video.

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Joe explains the importance of this course, how to get the most from the course, and the things to start doing this week inside of the course.

The Wall: This is important to know about yourself…and about your spouse. This is the foundation for everything else we discuss.


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The 4 Horsemen:  You need to understand these 4 things about communicating with your spouse. (Please see PDF Download under this video for the Four Horsemen exercise mentioned by Dr. Joe Beam.)


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Intro: Joe covers the 3 reasons that divorces occur. Plus, we help you figure out what your spouse says the problem is in your marriage and how to figure out the RBS (reason behind the statement).

For if your spouse is having an affair.

For if you are having an affair…(or had an affair)

If your spouse feels controlled.

If you feel controlled by your spouse.

If there is an addiction.

If you or your spouse is clinically depressed

If you don’t know what the problem is in your marriage.

Week 2 Action Steps


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What do you truly want?

Figuring out conditions

Action Steps Week 3

It can be easy to focus on our spouse’s faults, but what if you could change yourself to change your marriage?

How to move past the hurt that others have caused you and deal with anger.

How to deal with addictions, and how to keep yourself from falling into temptation at a critical point.

How to deal with frustration with the people and circumstances around you.

Go back through and figure out what you can change.

Week 4 Action Steps

Understanding the PIES

Making a detailed list and implementing the TASR System (p. 35-39 of SMM Workbook)

Remember Why You’re Doing This

Week 5 Action Steps: Part 1

Week 5 Action Steps: Part 2

Week 6: Understanding Your Spouse

What To Do With Your Spouse’s Wall

Week 6 Action Steps

What Not To Do if You Want to Save Your Marriage

What Not To Do When it Comes to Others (Children, Family, Friends)

Week 7 Action Steps

What to Focus on During This Time

Creating Consequences

Creating Boundaries

More on Creating Boundaries

Week 8 Action Steps


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Knowing When to Move on…

Question 1: “This information is great…but it isn’t going to work for me.”

Question 2: “How can I show my spouse I have changed when we have no interaction?”

Question 3: “When should we tell the children we are having marriage problems?”

Question 4: “How can I handle my child’s anger towards me?”

Question 5: “How can I handle my child’s anger towards my spouse…especially when my spouse wants me to fix it?”

Bonus Video on Forgiveness

If you have received some positive interaction from your spouse…