You’ve done something that you know will hurt your spouse if s/he knew about it. Maybe it was recent? Maybe years ago? Maybe even before you met, but you have worry that s/he will react badly if it came out.

Do you tell?

Do you keep it a secret?

If you do tell, will it end your marriage…or at the very least cause hard and angry feelings that will last for a long time?

If you don’t tell, will it erode your marriage from within because of how it affects you to keep it secret?

And if you were to tell, WHAT should you tell and what should you leave OUT?

In this program, Dr. Beam gives clear and understandable guidelines for deciding whether to tell or not to tell. That’s right; in some situations it is far better NOT to tell. For others, the marriage is in jeopardy UNTIL you tell. The principles and guidelines presented in this program will help you decide. And if you decide you should tell, Dr. Beam gives principles of what TO tell and what NOT to tell.

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