What does it mean – and what do you do – if your spouse has had more than one affair?

Does that indicate there is no hope? That you should end it and get away as fast as you can? Or is it possible to save your marriage…and save your spouse from any further infidelity?

What do multiple affairs say about your spouse? Is s/he a sex addict? Serial adulterer? Maybe. But perhaps there is something else going on that can be addressed and, if you spouse has a conscience, it can be fixed.

In this program Dr. Joe Beam discusses what he has learned by working with straying spouses over the years. The ones who strayed once and never again. The ones who strayed more than once. The ones who strayed many times.

Whether you have strayed…or your spouse has strayed…this will be a program that will give insight and understanding to the causes…and, if you desire, to the cures.

This course was created for the standing spouse. It will give you the tools to create the environment to save your marriage.

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