Marriage Compatibility Test

Are you compatible with your partner? How do you know if you’re married to the right person?

It’s hard to know, because so many online quizzes and personality tests focus on getting you connected with the EXACT person you should be with. These quizzes focus on what you like (and what you don’t like) and match you with the most “compatible” person. They speed up the process of getting to know someone in real life–connecting you two through similar hobbies, likes, and interests. However, there are some issues with these matchmaking sites and compatibility tests.

One issue is that these create a vision that there is this one, “perfect person” out there. Another issue is that these turn your focus toward the wrong things in the relationship. What I mean is, these things are NOT the most important in maintaining and growing the relationship. For example, once you’re married, you’ve invested much more into your relationship. So much so, that measuring your compatibility with superficial things like hobbies, cleanliness, this, that, and the other, can lead you to miss out on the REAL FOCUS of what makes a relationship work.

Here’s the thing, ALL relationships have problems. All relationships take work. However, there are three things that can make love last: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Take our FREE quiz to see where you fall in each of these areas. These three areas explain your relationship on a deeper level–having openness and honesty. Desiring to be one with your spouse–wanting to experience life together. Committing to your spouse for better or worse and having a willingness to stay and work things out.

Here’s the bottom line. If you have intimacy, passion, and commitment, your relationship will last. And, at the end of the day, your Myers-Briggs, Personality Style, or Love Language won’t keep you married or cause you to get divorced. Every relationship will require you to learn how to connect with someone who is different from you. And our free marriage compatibility test will explain where you are in each of these three areas and how you can improve and work on things.

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