If you are the spouse who has been hurt – or the spouse who did the hurting – there are key principles for building trust again in your relationship.

The hurt spouse often feels anger, pain, fear, doubt, anxiety, and helplessness.

The spouse who did the hurt often feels remorse, guilt, fear, desire, and helplessness.

Sometimes the spouse who did the hurt wants the other spouse to forgive and forget rapidly…let’s just get beyond this as fast as we can.

Often the hurt spouse needs to talk about the pain, the fear of what might happen again, and to be reassured in many ways.

Are there ways to rebuild the trust? Yes. Does it require work? Yes.

Will there be questions that must be answered? Absolutely. Are there some questions which should not be answered? Absolutely.

In this program we’ll guide you through a process to know what do do, which questions to ask and answer, which ones to avoid, and how to overcome the fear that the hurt will happen again.