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My Spouse Had an Affair Recovery Toolkit Website Icon

My Spouse Had an Affair – Recovery Toolkit

A 7-part video series to help you save your marriage when your spouse has had an affair.


I had an Affair – Recovery Toolkit

A video series to help you choose between your spouse and your lover.

The Spark program website icon

The Spark

Teaching you how to create a more passionate and more fulfilling sex life.


Art Of Falling In Love Toolkit

Guiding you and your spouse through how to fall deeper in love than ever before.

Marriage Saving Principles

Learn the key principles to start pulling your spouse closer in the marriage.

spiritual attraction toolkit

Spiritual Attraction Toolkit

Discover your beliefs and values to be spiritually attractive.

emotional attraction toolkit

Emotional Attraction Toolkit

Learn how to handle your emotions in any type of situation.

intellectual attraction toolkit

Intellectual Attraction Toolkit

Learn all about how to develop your intellectual attractiveness.

physical attraction toolkit

Physical Attraction Toolkit

Be the most physically attractive you can be for your age and situation.

definitive guide to boundaries

The Definitive Guide To Boundaries Toolkit

How to set boundaries in your marriage.

why does my spouse hate me

Why Does My Spouse Hate Me?

If you feel like your spouse hates you, this doesn't have to be the end of your marriage.

art of attraction

Art Of Attraction Toolkit

Learn how to fall more in love with your spouse AND become more attractive.

SMM – 12 Week Program

Save your marriage by going through one lesson a week for 12 weeks.


Save My Marriage Course

This course guides you step-by-step through what you need to do to save your marriage.


PIES Bootcamp

Learn the best things possible to be more attractive to your spouse.


Exploring Reconciliation

In this course, you will learn what to do at each stage of reconciliation.


Reconciliation Toolkit Legacy

Teaching you a 6 step process to follow to reconcile your marriage.


SMM Course Legacy

An easy-to-use online course to teach you how to save your marriage.


The SMART Contact™ Toolkit

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your spouse to talk, then this is for you.