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Want to do marriage coaching but it’s too expensive? Marriage Helper has a new, exclusive coaching option for Save My Marriage Course members.

If you left the course with unanswered burning questions about your specific situation, now is your chance to ask. For 12 weeks, you and 7 others will go through each module of the Save My Marriage Course videos, and get personalized feedback and advice from our certified Marriage Helper coach, Jared Pratt. 

So if at any point during the course you wondered things like: “Well, what does it mean if he said this to me today, though?” or “What does it mean if she did this?”. This is where you go to get those questioned answered, in a judgement-free zone. In fact, your small group will be cheering you on and celebrating victories with you along the way!

And when you’re feeling lonelier in your marriage than you were when you were single, that group support and real-time feedback feels like the lifeboat you need when you’re drowning in an ocean.

We’re releasing new group dates all the time. Here are the times currently available:

Men’s Group, Tuesdays at 11am CT – Starting May 25  SOLD OUT

Women’s Group, Wednesdays at 11am CT – Starting May 26  SOLD OUT

Women’s Group, Thursdays at 11am CT – Starting May 27  SOLD OUT

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Group Coaching vs. Individual Coaching…Which Is Better?

Here’s the thing. Asking which is better… is like asking if chocolate cake is better than vanilla. They’re both equally good, it’s just a matter of preference. Let’s find out which option is right for you.

Group Coaching

  • Prefer feedback from multiple perspectives, and like group settings where you can learn other’s experiences.
  • Would like to make friends with couples who are going through a similar situation as you.
  • Want individual attention at a lower cost per session.
  • Need help standing for your marriage, but don’t want the intensity of individual coaching.
  • Thrive on accountability and motivation from a shared learning environment to keep going.
  • Feel like you want a professional to help you communicate in a way that “pulls” your spouse back to you, by focusing on your specific problem areas.
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How Group Coaching Works

We want to make it easy for you to get the help you need, so your coach will meet you on a zoom video call each week.

You’ll go through the material in the Save My Marriage course as a group from start to finish. Which means you have a built in support system whenever you need it.

Your coach will summarize the week’s course material and then go through your observations and questions. We keep the groups small so that you’ll have plenty of time to get the individual attention you need, while also reaping the benefits of a shared learning experience.

The potential solutions and encouragement other group members offer is an invaluable part of group coaching. So go ahead. Get the marriage help you need, from the comfort of your own home.

What Will Coaching Cover?

  • Week 1 – The Underlying Principle: Discover how to make your marriage a place that looks like the “best option’ for your spouse

  • Week 2 – 5 Things NOT To Do: 5 fatal behaviors you might subconsciously do that make your spouse want to “disappear”.

  • Week 3 – 3 Things To Do: Three important things you should do that dramatically increase your chances of re-attracting your spouse.

  • Week 4 – The LovePath System: Uncover the scientifically proven methods to “pull” your spouse toward you.

  • Week 5 – Acceptance Part One: Discover the simple, effective “moves” that make your spouse want more of you.

  • Week 6 – Acceptance Part Two: Learn why PULLs are so important.

  • Week 7 – Control: How to create win-win situations so you both get what you want, without destroying the marriage.

  • Week 8 – Affairs (Limerence): Discover exactly what to do if either one of you is in an affair, it’s more common than you think.

  • Week 9 – If Things Aren’t Progressing: What to do when things are stagnant or it feels like you’re making no progress .

  • Week 10 – Children Are Involved: What should your kids know in this situation?

  • Week 11 – Important Questions: FAQs about saving your marriage.

  • Week 12 – When To Move On: When is it time to give up?

About Our Coach


Jared wanted a divorce in 2015, but found Marriage Helper on Google. It caused him to have second thoughts. He started making changes in himself, his wife got on board, and they’ve been working the program ever since! Jared gives his clients a birds-eye view of the process they’re in. According to Jared, “My clients fear the unknown. They need clarity to understand their situation.” Jared will provide you with a map & destination to understand the role of Marriage Helper principles in your situation.

Group Coaching vs Weekly Support Call

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