This course is right for you if: you and your spouse are considering reconciling, you may be in a situation where your spouse is back, you’re talking more, you’re getting on better and they are interested in looking into working on the marriage. You don’t need to be ready to make a commitment to reconciliation yet – this will help you walk through this decision and the things to consider to do that.  Even if you or your spouse are hesitant, you’re saying “I don’t know if things can actually change”, or “I’ve been hurt before and I don’t know I can do this.” This course is also for you if you both are committed to reconcile but don’t know the best steps to take to walk through it. This course is not right for you if:  your spouse isn’t yet on board and willing to at least consider the possibility of reconciling the marriage, whether they are still checked out of the marriage, not interested in talking to you etc. If this is your current situation, the best thing you can do right now is look at our Save My Marriage Course – a course designed for the spouse who wants to save their marriage.