Can’t decide whether to be with your lover or your spouse? We understand. No, really, we do. Here’s some things to think about.

I’m Scared My Lover Might Leave Me


There is nothing like it in the world. Your heart beats faster at the mere thought of your lover. Her face floats up in front of your eyes at the most inopportune moments, distracting and tantalizing you with the anticipation of being with that person again. Read This Article.

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I’m Married But In Love With Someone Else


You probably never meant for it to happen. It’s not as if you went looking for a lover. However, once you fell in love with someone else other than your spouse, things got rather intense. You’re already in what some refer to as an emotional affair. Perhaps you've gone further and the relationship has turned physical.

Choosing Between Lover or Spouse


It may be that somebody has told you that you're really not in love with this other person; that it's a fantasy, that it's infatuation, or that it will go away. I'm assuming, of course, that you're here because of the fact that you are trying to make a choice between whether to leave to be with your lover, or stay with your spouse. In other words, you're married, but you're thinking:

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