I’m glad you are here.

Below you will find the 5 main videos (plus many bonus ones!) that will help you decide what you should do about your marriage and your affair.

But before you start watching, go ahead and print out your Decision Point workbook.

I know, I know. It can be a hassle to print things out now days in this paperless world, but I want you to actually print it. You can actually process information better as you physically write it down as opposed to typing or thinking your answers. This workbook will provide you valuable insight into your exact marriage situation and help you think through your relationship specifically.

It is important to watch each and every video from beginning to end (and always write your answers to your questions in the workbook!)

We cover a lot of information in these videos. Feel free to watch them multiple times. Every time you listen, you will hear a different piece of information than you did before.

The information you will learn in this series is invaluable. Because you really can’t put a price on knowing that you have done the right thing.

Level One

Learn what is happening and how you came to the place you are now. Learn what goes on during an affair, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, and why it matters to understand what is going on in your relationship.

You are having a lot of conflicting feelings right now. How do you know which ones are right? How do you know if you should listen to your feelings, or if there’s a better way to make decisions about the future you will choose.

In this video, we help you figure out what you would like your future to look like. What happens if you continue the relationship with your lover? What happens if you don’t? We’ll explore those questions here.

No matter what happens to the future of your marriage, this is a concept that you need to understand and implement in your relationships, not just your marriage, but all of your relationships (with family, children, and friends). Don’t miss this video.

It may seem unthinkable, but it is actually possible to fall in love with your spouse again and have a better and stronger marriage than before. Watch this video to learn how.

Level Two

In this video you will learn how children react to affairs, how you can handle their reactions, whether your children should be around the affair partner and what to do if your children don’t want to be around you.

 This video teaches how to understand the underlying premise behind the one night stand, how to get appropriate help, find accountability, and expose the problem to your spouse.

An affair changes you, your spouse, your children, your affair partner and the relationship you have with each of them. Watch this video to learn more about those changes.

Bonus Content Just For You

In addition to the videos above, I also wanted to give you some extra goodies to help you in your journey towards saving your marriage. Be sure to watch all 7 videos before consuming the bonus material!

Bonus Video on How to Increase Your PIESThis video covers even more information about attraction, focusing on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attraction.