Workshop Facilitators

Dr. Joe Beam

An internationally known and respected sexologist and authority on love, marriage and sex. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney. He is the founder and chair of Marriage Helper based in Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Saving marriages is not an occupation for Dr. Beam. It is a mission – a mission that has consumed his heart for decades. He has designed and developed courses, workshops and seminars to help troubled marriages. He has been seen on nationwide media and spoken to countless couples through live seminars, dedicated radio programs and books. Today he dedicates most of his time to researching and developing new ways to help couples in crisis.

Jim Pourteau

Jim Pourteau is a certified leadership coach and trainer with John Maxwell. He is the Director of Coaching at Marriage Helper and a workshop facilitator. He has led mega-churches and worked with multi-million dollar organizations helping identify and solve relationship problems. These skills enable him to be very successful and effective in working with marriages.

David Mathews

David Mathews has been leading the Marriage Helper workshop for over 10 years. He has his Master’s in Addiction Counseling and has worked with people for decades in that area. He also runs Spark of Life, an organization that helps people overcome grief and loss from all areas of life.