Welcome to the Marriage Helper Course on How to Get Your Spouse Back

You don’t know how you ended up here, but here you are. Your husband or wife has said your marriage is over and they’re ready to move on with their life. Whether it’s because they say they don’t love you any more or worse, they admit they are in love with someone else…

Where does this leave you?

Your initial response to the shock may be anger- wanting them to hurt like you hurt. Or, you may plead with them to feel differently. You may even plead with them to stay and work it out. All of these responses come from good intentions (because you love your spouse!) but often these reactions can have the opposite effect and push your spouse further away. 

Here at Marriage Helper, we have helped thousands of people in this exact situation. We want to share with you the things you can do right now that will have the biggest impact on turning this crisis around and bringing your spouse back to you.

In this course, we’ll walk you through this step by step. Let’s begin!