The Best Next Step For You: The SMART Contact Toolkit


We have just scratched the surface on SMART Contact in this mini-course…

SMART Contact is not a tactic, it is a way to communicate with your spouse in the BEST way possible…especially if your spouse is distant.

We have so much more to teach you about SMART Contact! Get the SMART Contact Toolkit here!


In the SMART Contact Toolkit, you will learn…

What to do in order to get your spouse to talk to you again. It’s NOT manipulative, it’s not cheesy. These are strategies that have actually worked in the lives of thousands of people. You can get a spouse that has completely disengaged to open up and begin to talk to you again.

  • 11 videos with teachings from Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Holmes
  • Everything about what SMART Communication Is
  • What SMART Communication Is Not
  • An explanation for what each letter of “SMART” stands for
  • Pushes and pulls explained
  • Using SMART Communication if you have children
  • How to implement each stage
  • How to feel confident about approaching and communicating with your spouse
  • …And more bonus content