Stop Push Behaviors

This sounds simple, right? “Don’t do things that push your spouse further away.” So why is it so hard to put into practice?

I once heard a story of a woman whose husband said he wanted a divorce… she followed him out of the house and as he was driving away, she was hitting her head against the driveway to get him to stay. ????

I understand the thought process: “If only I can get my spouse to understand how much I am hurting by crying, pleading, whining, or begging he will come back to me.” But this behavior often has the opposite effect. It doesn’t make your spouse want to comfort you or console you. And, it doesn’t draw your spouse toward you. Instead of seeing us as attractive, we can look like we have lost our minds.

While it may seem impossible right now, you need to come across to your partner as your best self, the person they fell in love with at the beginning.

Your situation is NOT easy. It is painful! Yes, you can absolutely have these emotions, but try your best to stand strong in front of your spouse.