Marriage Helper Client Testimony 3

“It was this time a year ago that my wife and I attended the Workshop in Nashville. That was a big turning point. My wife had been involved in an affair for a year and a half. But she agreed to go to the Workshop with me. It was our ‘reset button.’ It also ended her relationship with the other man. I had prayed for so long that God would drive a wedge between them, going to the Workshop was part of that wedge.

This past year since the Workshop has not been easy. It’s often been very hard. Lots of stuff to work through for both of us. Healing takes time, but Dr. Joe is right. If you get on the love path, it will bring you closer together.

I love my wife more than ever before. We laugh and joke and hug each other. I can’t believe how long it has taken, but it feels really good again.

This has been a very long journey. I’ve learned more about myself and relationships then I could have ever imagined.”