Does SMART Contact™ Mean No Contact?

Does SMART contact mean “No Contact”? No, SMART contact is different! There are many “relationship gurus” who say you should completely stop speaking to your spouse and cut off all communication- not even responding if your spouse reaches out. These gurus are WRONG because if your spouse reaches out, you shouldn’t completely ignore them, but you should respond in a smart way…

So, remember:

  1. Don’t do anything that has a likelihood of leading your spouse to feel that you are trying to control or manipulate.
  2. Don’t do anything that appears to be begging him/her to come back or whining about things.
  3. Don’t act as if nothing has happened and that you’re fine with his/her behavior when in actuality you are very much hurt by that behavior.

(One last thing I should mention is that we also don’t teach that you should overwhelm your spouse by contacting them, calling them, or texting them ALL the time either… Remember: SMART Contact.)