For those who are trying to figure out if their marriage is worth saving…

Discover What To Do To Save Your Marriage

Learn the answers to all of your questions on how to STOP pushing your spouse away and START pulling them back to you … without the gimmicks, manipulation, or empty promises.

NOTE: If you aren’t SERIOUS about saving your marriage…this isn’t for you. We teach real things that you actually have to DO and when you do, you will see RESULTS!

Marriage should feel ”in sickness and in health, till death do us part”

And yet thousands of people each year are deciding to pull the plug on their marriage, rather than putting in the work to repair their situation.

But maybe for you…

Your spouse has told you they wanted out…

You’re asking yourself “should I stay or should I go?”

One of you has had an affair

But here’s the thing…

We believe there is still hope for your marriage.

Every marriage CAN be saved.

But unfortunately, not every marriage WILL. Because it takes ONE PERSON willing to start doing the work to save the marriage…

Are you willing to do the work to save yours?

Start Saving Your Marriage With…

From the team that produced the original “Save My Marriage Course™” and a 70% success rate in saving marriages.

Begin by laying a firm foundation to repairing your marriage with this 3.5 hour digital course.

Play this training on repeat – and discover how to:

  1. Identify pushing and pulling behaviors working on you and your spouse.
  2. Understanding the proven LovePath™ to falling back in love.
  3. And achieve peace knowing you’ve done the next right thing for your marriage.

— Lesson 1 —
There is always hope

We share stories of hope from people we have helped in their journey.

— Lesson 2 —
The Fundamental Marriage Principle
Part 1

Breaking down PUSHES and PULLS and how they affect your marriage.

— Lesson 3 —
The Fundamental Marriage Principle
Part 2

Understanding some essential PUSHES to use and others you need to stop now.

— Lesson 4 —
Introduction to the LovePath™ System

Our system for falling in love, or falling back in love, with your spouse.

— Lesson 5 —
The Art of Attracting Your Spouse Back
Part 1

What we can work on right now to be more Physically attractive to ourselves and our spouses.

— Lesson 6 —
The Art of Attracting Your Spouse Back
Part 2

Understanding how Intellectual and Emotional Attraction can help you pull your spouse back.

— Lesson 7 —
The Art of Attracting Your Spouse Back
Part 3

In the last section on attraction we cover how to become more Spiritually attractive.

— Lesson 8 —
The KEY to Love: Acceptance

Learn how to accept yourself and your spouse for who they are so that they feel seen by you.

— Lesson 9 —
When Things Go Wrong

Every day that you work on your marriage won’t be easy, so what can you do when things go wrong.

— Lesson 10 —
Where To Go From Here

Our proven system for what your next steps should be to save your marriage.

Not only will you get hours of content and training, but inside each lesson Kimberly gives you easy to implement tasks (homework if you would) to better follow along and track your progress.

The Foundations Course

Here’s a recap of everything inside:

  • 10 in-depth video lessons using our research-proven system
  • Homework assignments to track your progress
  • A 25-page Foundations workbook
  • And much, much more…

We have spent over $200,000 in training, research, and education to develop the best research-based principles to teach you in this course.

The Foundations Course is worth $947

But you can grab it for just…