Using SMART Contact™ If You Have Kids


One question we get all the time is, “How do I use SMART Contact if I have kids?” If you and your spouse have a family, the thought of going days or weeks without talking to your spouse is more than painful- it’s scary! You’re not just thinking about you- you’re also thinking about your children… “How is it going to affect them if they don’t hear from their mom or their dad for an extended period of time?” Because children are involved, we want to help you implement SMART Contact in the best way.

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SMART Contact™ During The Holidays


The Holidays can be some of the most difficult and lonely times of the year, especially if your spouse is completely disengaged. Maybe your spouse stopped talking to you, or you’re separated, or you’re in the middle of a divorce… Whatever your situation may be, SMART Contact is the BEST way to communicate with your spouse, no matter what has happened. If anything works to bring back your spouse and get them to open up, this will. 

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No Contact Vs. Smart Contact™ To Get Your Husband or Wife Back


When we at first called it No Contact, as a way of getting your spouse back, we didn't anticipate how people would hear those words over the other things we said about the principle. Allow me to explain:

No Contact Vs. Smart Contact™ To Get Your Husband or Wife Back2022-03-02T15:27:18-06:00
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