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What You’ll Learn

Do you feel hopeless? Are you scared of losing your spouse? Do you feel completely lost and alone?

We understand. We have been there. We have felt desperate, hopeless, and scared. We know what it is like to not know what to do next.

That’s why we created the Save My Marriage Course.

Over the past 20 years, Marriage Helper has helped thousands of people save their marriages using practical, proven steps.

Get the marriage help you need from the comfort of your own home, on your own time.

People come to us all the time who have already tried other methods, programs, counseling, therapy or all of the above… which didn’t make any difference (or made their marriage WORSE!) Ultimately, the Save My Marriage program is what FINALLY works.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • How to act to bring your spouse back

  • Stop pushing your spouse away

  • Find encouragement from others in your same situation

  • Create a plan to follow to save your marriage

  • Become more attractive

  • Establish boundaries in your relationship

  • Re-engage your spouse back into your marriage

  • Strengthen your relationship with God (if applicable)

  • Stop negative thoughts

  • Forgive your spouse

  • Communicate with your spouse without fighting
  • Help your kids through this time

Frequently Asked Questions About The Save My Marriage Course

If you are in need of intense marriage help, and your spouse is not willing to attend the Marriage Helper Workshop, then this is the exact course you need.
Our mission is to help couples. No one in the marriage industry cares more about helping people and saving marriages as we do.
Once you register for the course, you will receive a username and password that will let you access the private members only portal which contains the videos, resources, workbooks, eBooks, and more.
You can access the content from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
When support calls occur, will take place each week on Tuesday Nights. Miss a call? No worries! All calls will be recorded and posted in the Secret Facebook Group each week for you to listen to again and again.
This course has over $1050 worth of products, content, and value, but the price of the course is only $399.
A normal therapy session is $100 for a one-hour session. In this course, you receive over 3 hours of resources each week (including videos, homework assignments, coaching calls, and engagement in the private Facebook group)… for 12 weeks.  And remember, you get access from anywhere in the world.

This course is for anyone (married or divorced) who wants to save their marriage. At Marriage Helper, we believe that a marriage isn’t over with divorce papers. A marriage is not over until one spouse remarries or passes away. Until then, it is possible to keep fighting for your marriage.

What Others Are Saying About The Course:

Limited Time Exclusive – Also Get Stories Of Hope Ebook

stories of hope

Whatever issue your marriage is facing, it did not occur overnight. 

We can offer you this: hope. No matter the situation, we have seen many, many people save their marriage from the most dire of circumstances.

What set these people apart from those who headed towards destruction? They had hope, and their hope propelled them to do all the right things to save the marriage.
If you are looking for support in saving your marriage you’ll find it in their pages.

Each story is full of hope and inspiration that you can take on board in your own time. These stories spell it out; what was broken in their relationships, what they did differently, how it changed, and what their relationships are like now.

Limited Time Offer: Affair Toolkit 50% Off

Do you wish you could save your marriage even though your spouse is having an affair? You Don’t Have to Do this Alone…

It takes incredible strength to be where you are right now.

You probably feel lost, confused, alone, and scared, but even though we don’t know you yet, we do know that you have what it takes to stand for your marriage with strength and confidence. We know that there is hope for your situation. We would like to help you save your marriage.

In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • The very first thing you need to do when you find out about the affair
  • What not to do that will make things worse
  • How affairs start and how they will end
  • How long affairs typically last
  • Ways your spouse might manipulate you
  • How do affairs affect children?
  • How to overcome obstacles you will encounter
  • How to make short term and long term decisions for your marriage
  • What to do when your spouse begins to waver between ending the affair or saving the marriage
  • How to instill boundaries
  • How to forgive and reconcile

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