Dr. Joe Beam explains the importance of forgiveness

What to expect during the forgiveness process with the offended, the offender, and the decision to forgive

Decision-Based Forgiveness: How to Decide to Forgive

You can forgive…but can you forget?

Lesson One Action Steps

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In this lesson, we start exploring the 1st step towards reconciliation: deciding to reconcile. Here’s the first question to ask yourself.

How do you know if the reconciliation is real, or if it is a “false start”? Here’s what to look for.

Why are you wanting to reconcile? It’s important to know your “WHY” before you know the How and the What.

How to tell the kids about reconciliation.

Lesson 2 Action Steps

Deciding To Reconcile PDF

How to Soften: The Most Important Step to Reconciliation

Accepting Responsibility.

How to Trust Again.

Setting Boundaries in Conversation.

Lesson 3 Action Steps

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Recall the Hurt.


Altruistic Gift of Forgiveness.

Hold On to Forgiveness

Lesson 4 Action Steps.

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The Phases of Forgiveness.

Lesson 5 Action Steps.

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How to Reverse the Negative and Start the Positive.

Remember the Good.

Lesson 6 Action Steps.

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Concentrate on Progress.

Return to the REACH Method if needed.

When Accountability Fails…Revisiting the “Altruistic Gift of Forgiveness” from the REACH Method
(This video is a repeat of Dr. Joe Beam going through the Gift of Forgiveness and talking about accountability).

Lesson 7 Action Steps.

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How to Fall in Love (or More in Love).

Prioritize Time Together.

Lesson 8 Action Steps.

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