How can you stop your spouse from behaviors destructive to you, to someone you love, or to your relationship?

You set boundaries, or as we call them, “STOPs,” i.e., Safeguards That Offer Protection. In order words, the fence that you can put around yourself that STOPs your spouse from doing things that are not appropriate.

In the Boundaries Toolkit, Dr. Joe Beam discusses setting boundaries in detail. It will help you think through the idea of setting a boundary for things you feel can’t happen in your relationship, as well as things that must happen in your relationship. The Boundaries Toolkit includes video lessons and a step-by-step interactive workbook that leads you through a process to determine why you are setting the boundary, the consequences you can enforce, and how you should present it to your spouse for it to be most effective.

Throughout the course, Dr. Beam presents real-life examples of couples successfully setting up boundaries in their marriage.

It’s worked for thousands of other couples, and it can work for you.