Intellectual Attraction Toolkit


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In this toolkit we learn all about how to develop your Intellectual attractiveness. We can be physically attracted to someone, but looks only go so far. It’s really what’s inside that counts. Through talking with you, people want to spend more time with you because of the topics that you discuss, or the way you think about things.

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In the Your Best Self Toolkit Collection, we have grouped together four toolkits each focusing on an area of attraction we call the PIES, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. You focus on your PIES for you, and an added benefit is that you become more attractive to others including your spouse.

We know from research when an individual focuses on becoming the best they can be, on increasing their own self-esteem that there is a positive correlation with their relationship.

When you begin working on yourself and becoming the most attractive you can be, you are going to see change in your relationship.

Join the Your Best Self Collection today and get started, I can’t wait for you to experience transformation in your life.

  • Get on top of your emotions.

  • Increase self-love and confidence in who you are.

  • Get motivated to set goals and achieve them to better yourself.

  • Remain happy and confident under increasing pressure.

  • Set goals to make a big impact in your life.