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I’m excited for you and your spouse to experience this program.
Below you will find the 10 videos that will help you strengthen your marriage and deepen your intimacy.
Each week comes with a lesson guide with notes and questions. Be sure to print two copies of these out each week and complete them! (One copy for you, one for your spouse).
I know, I know. It can be a hassle to print things out now days in this paperless world, but I want you to actually print it. You can actually process information better as you physically write it down as opposed to typing or thinking your answers. This workbook will provide you valuable insight into your exact marriage situation and what you can do to save your marriage specifically.
It is important to watch each and every video from beginning to end (and always write your answers to your questions in the guide!)
We cover a lot of information in these videos. Feel free to watch them multiple times. Every time you listen, you will hear a different piece of information than you did before.

Let’s Get Started

Lesson 1: What is love?

Lesson 2: How to Become More Attractive.

Lesson 3: Learning to Accept.

Lesson 4: Why We Fall Madly in Love.

Lesson 5: The Key to Deep Love.

Lesson 6: The Dynamics of Difference.

Lesson 7: A Relationship in Retreat.

Lesson 8: The Challenge of Conflict.

Lesson 9: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level.

Lesson 10: Learning to Love Deeply.