Marriage Helper Inc.

Dr. Joe Beam’s expertise as a marriage and relationship expert came after his own life fell apart…
In 1987, after 15 years of marriage, he divorced his wife, Alice. He lost his family and spiraled into a life of alcohol and drugs. Though painful, he describes his eventual recovery as miraculous. He says it was “by the grace of God” that he remarried his former wife, Alice, and redeemed his life.
After they remarried, it took 7 years of learning how to overcome the past and how to be in love again. But that’s not all- their experience (and what they learned) was meant to be shared. So they began to focus on helping rescue other marriages in trouble.
Marriage Helper was founded by Dr. Joe and Alice Beam in 2011 as a continuation of the work Dr. Joe Beam and his team have put forth since 1994.
Through personal experience, alliances with top-tier professionals, research, and working directly with thousands of marriages, the Marriage Helper staff developed and honed an extremely effective method for helping couples rescue their troubled marriages and fall in love again.
Today, God uses Marriage Helper, Inc. to save hundreds of marriages worldwide every year, but we refuse to stop there. At Marriage Helper, we are continually examining trends and relationships to find new and innovative ways to help marriages work better.
Marriage problems are not static and neither are we. We don’t dance around the real issues; marital sex and intimacy, affairs, resentment, control, and other issues.
Our focus is using the very latest and proven ways to save marriages. Our mission is to guide couples through the process of falling in love, growing in love, and rescuing lost love. Through online resources, workshops, and marriage coaching, we provide couples with practical tips & tools to save, fix, grow, or rebuild their marriage. “If anything works, this will.”

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