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Infidelity – Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

It can be frightening and frustrating. You believe, or are completely convinced, that your spouse is cheating on you... yet, you don’t have enough proof to absolutely know. In this video, we’ll share a roadmap for you to assess whether or not it’s likely that your spouse is cheating. And, we’ll tell you what you can do moving forward. We want to preface this by saying: be wise. Don’t immediately think an affair is happening if one of the things we mention is going on. Rather, make sure you read through and evaluate all of the options.

Marriage Fights: This Will Destroy Your Relationship | Marriage Helper

EVERYONE should have fights in their marriage. (Okay, we know this sounds pretty shocking, but there’s a reason why we say this.) Here’s the thing, conflict in a marriage is healthy when you feel secure enough to disagree with your spouse. And the truth is, fights do not ruin your marriage. The failure to reconnect AFTER a fight is what can ruin your marriage.

The 5 Things NOT to Say to A Spouse Who’s Leaving

It’s very common- searching for exact words to say (and exact words not to say) in order to keep your spouse from leaving- or to win your spouse back. In fact, many things out there claim there is “one word,” or there is “one phrase” you can use to win your spouse back. Here’s the hard truth: there is no exact word or phrase. But here’s the good news: there are things you can do if you’re in this situation, there is hope!

Why Does My Husband Hate Me?

Have you ever felt like your husband hates you? I am no stranger to this feeling. Just talking girl to girl, there's definitely been times in my marriage, in one particular time in my marriage, where every interaction I had with my husband made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

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