Marriages require time and attention to nurture and grow. Strong marriages require a strong foundation and everyday intention. But, of course, that is easier said than done with all the obstacles of daily life.

Derrick from Texas found this out the hard way. Derrick’s marriage experienced testing early when he spent time away from a growing family due to his time in the military.

Here at Marriage Helper, we meet a lot of military families affected by this type of situation. How can you keep a marriage together when you constantly have to be apart, live different routines, and miss important moments?

In Derrick’s situation, he quickly realized that to save his marriage, he needed to be a better husband and father. His wife showed obvious unhappiness and began to pull away from the relationship. 

Derrick decided that he needed to communicate with his wife more. He wanted to show his love for her, and demonstrate that he was committed to the relationship. They needed a change in their routine and interactions to move towards a better future. That is when he connected with Marriage Helper and our Couples Turnaround Workshop.

In this episode of Relationship Radio, Gemma sits down with Derrick to discuss how he met his wife, where their relationship troubles started, and how they used Marriage Helper to try and heal their wounds.

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