My Spouse Is Being Distant Or Reluctant

You want to work on or even save your marriage, but your spouse seems uninterested. While a marriage needs both husband and wife working together to fix it, having distant or reluctant spouse does not mean that the marriage is over.

Not Attracted Any More

Whether your spouse says they’re not attracted to you or you don’t feel attracted to your spouse anymore, it can cause big problems in a marriage. However, we also know here at Marriage Helper that it can be fixed and your attraction can be stronger than ever.

I Want To Attract My Spouse Back

Falling in love, or getting your spouse to fall back in love, all starts with attraction. We want to help you become the most attractive that you can be. We want to help you attract your spouse back. However your marriage is doing, attraction never stops being important.

There Might Be Control Issues

Are you caught in a marriage with a controlling spouse? Or, have you been accused of being controlling in your marriage? People crave respect. They want to be accepted for who they are in reality, rather than having to pretend to meet someone else’s criteria.

Other Common Things Couples Work Through

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I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

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