Marriage Helper Coaching Is Different Than Counseling – Find Out How


Marriage Helper Coaching Is Different Than Counseling – Find Out How


One-on-one coaching can change your life.

Dig deep into the issues you’re facing in your marriage with one of Marriage Helper’s Certified Coaches.

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Our Coaches

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RoaldCertified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’20
Roald comes from a background of coaching, counseling, physical training, and church planting. Both he and his wife had been divorced when they were younger and brought a lot of their past into their future. Throw in life struggles, kids, jobs that kept them busy, and loss, including the death of his wife’s brother, and they found themselves on a slippery slope. When they found Marriage Helper, Roald and his wife learned principles that changed their marriage and every other relationship around them. Roald hopes to bring you the same hope that he and his wife received, no matter what situation you find yourself in.
SoniaCertified MH Coach ‘22 | Breakout Leader '22
Sonia and her husband separated after her limerent emotional affair back in 2018. Her husband fought to keep the marriage together, but Sonia was lost, depressed, and wanted out of the marriage. Finally, on the brink of divorce, Sonia and her husband decided to put their family back together and work on their marriage. They both attended the workshop and walked away with knowledge and resources that have helped them create a strong, beautiful, and better marriage. Sonia’s compassionate and warm personality gives her clients a space to talk about the hard stuff while providing them hope, confidence, and Marriage Helper resources to fight for their marriage. Not only will Sonia help you fight to save your marriage, but she’ll also guide you along the way to fight for the person you were created to be.
PriscillaCertified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’19
Priscilla’s husband found Marriage Helper after she confessed to him that she was in a limerent affair in 2017. After they attended the workshop, there wasn’t an immediate turnaround. They actually continued with a divorce. However, after putting Marriage Helper principles into action, they were drawn back together. They have been married since 2004, but now enjoy a more authentic, secure, and fun relationship than ever before. Priscilla will be able to help you find hope, no matter what situation you are in. She will guide you to positive thought processes and forming healthier habits so that you can be better you. She says, “Even as the former wayward spouse, I know that the principles we teach will be life-changing!”.
VinnyCertified MH Coach ‘19
Marriage Helper saved Vinny’s good friends Jimmy and Shannon Pourteau’s marriage after a devastating blow. “It was nothing short of miraculous!” Vinny has worked with families in crisis for 27 years. His clients’ biggest fear is investing in their marriage and not seeing their spouse respond. Vinny will help you stay focused on behaviors that guide your relationship toward reconciliation. Working with Vinny you’ll see positive movements forward and wins. This will build your willingness to “stay at it!”.
JaredCertified MH Coach ‘18 | FB Admin ‘17
Jared wanted a divorce in 2015, but found MH on Google. It caused him to have second thoughts. He started making changes in himself, his wife got on board, and they’ve been working the program ever since! Jared gives his clients a birds-eye view of the process they’re in. According to Jared, “My clients fear the unknown. They need clarity to understand their situation.” Jared will provide you with a map & destination to understand the role of Marriage Helper principles in your situation.
JamieCertified MH Coach ‘22
Jamie found Marriage Helper in January 2021 after her husband made the decision he wanted a divorce and had become involved in a limerent affair. Jamie began studying Marriage Helper principles and immediately started implementing the teachings she was learning. Jamie and her husband attended the Marriage Helper Workshop in April 2021 and a month later, her husband made the decision to stay home and focus on reconciling. There is now a level of honesty, transparency, and closeness that they have not felt for the majority of their marriage. Jamie has experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has worked with children, adolescents, and families since 2006. She has completed additional studies in Substance Use Disorders and addiction as well.
AdeléCertified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’20
Adelé found Marriage Helper in 2019 after her husband left her for his affair partner. By applying the courses and tools that Marriage Helper offers, they reconciled in 2020. The marriage helper principles helped her to overcome her controlling nature and learnt the value of forgiveness. Through Marriage Helper teaching Adele’s relationships with her husband, in-laws, children, and even friends and family were transformed. She and her husband work for Marriage Helper and their marriage is fully restored and better than it has ever been. Standing for your marriage can be exhausting, especially when it feels like the odds are against you, Adele will be there to offer support and hope in the form of marriage helper principles that are life-changing.
PetraCertified MH Coach ‘18 | FB Admin ‘16
Petra found Marriage Helper in 2014 during her husband’s 4 year affair. By putting what she learned into practice, they were able to reconcile! Today, they lead a stronger, happier and more satisfying marriage than ever before. Petra empowers her clients to improve their relationships, overcome personal obstacles, and lead thriving lives. Petra will help you view your marriage difficulties from different angles. She’ll put you in the driver’s seat toward a great future. Petra is also able to do the coaching sessions in German!
RenCertified MH Coach ‘22
Ren’s wife Adelé found Marriage Helper after Ren separated from their family. By applying the tools that Marriage Helper taught her, she became a safe space for Ren to confess a limerent affair, multiple short-lived affairs and he found freedom from 20-plus years of drug an alcohol addiction. Having experienced the dramatic turnaround in Adelé and a miraculous reconciliation, Ren started applying the Marriage Helper principles, and he and Adelé have built the most wonderful, brand-spanking new marriage. There is ALWAYS hope. If Marriage Helper can save their marriage, there is hope for every broken marriage, no matter how hopeless the circumstances may seem. Ren has a heart for both sides of the fence – the betrayed spouse and the wayward spouse. You can do this!
CasiCertified MH Coach ‘17 | Breakout Leader ’17
After discovering her husband’s affair & separating in 2015, Casi tried many marriage programs that didn’t work. But in 2016, they attended the MH Workshop, where true healing & reconciliation began. Casi will help you move toward the marriage you desire with her extensive training & experience. Together you’ll identify areas to improve & learn better alternatives. “I offer encouragement to all because I know THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE! If anything works, this will!”.
MarcosCertified MH Coach '22 | Breakout Leader
Marcos found Marriage Helper after learning his wife was having an affair. After several tries he was able to convince her to attend the MH Workshop. He went with the attitude “I’m right, she is wrong. Here she is, fix her”. He credits that Workshop for literally changing his life after finding out how much his confrontational and often rude attitude had contributed to the fall of his marriage and his relationship with his kids . He started applying Marriage Helper tools immediately and with the help of a Marriage Helper Coach he started to work on being able to become the best version of himself. Him and his wife are back together after 3 years of standing, with a fully restored Marriage, and after 18 years of a rocky marriage the one thing he still regrets is to not have found Marriage Helper sooner. Marcos can coach in English or Spanish.

Marcos encontró a MH después de enterarse de que su esposa estaba teniendo una aventura. Después de varios intentos, pudo convencerla de que asistiera al Taller de MH. El fue con la actitud “Yo tengo razón, ella está equivocada. Aquí está, arréglenla”. Le da crédito al Workshop por literalmente cambiar su vida después de descubrir cuánto su actitud de confrontación y a menudo grosera había contribuido a la caída de su matrimonio y la relación con sus hijos. Comenzó a aplicar las herramientas de MH de inmediato y con la ayuda de un Coach de MH comenzó a trabajar para poder convertirse en la mejor versión de sí mismo. Él y su esposa volvieron a restaurar su matrimonio después de 3 años de luchas, y, después de los primeros 18 años de un matrimonio con muchos problemas, lo único que todavía lamenta es no haber encontrado a MH antes. Con una experiencia empresarial de casi 3 décadas dirigiendo varias empresas exitosas, el estilo de Coaching de Marcos es una mezcla de un enfoque directo y sin tapujos para cualquier situación con un nuevo lado de comprensión y abierto a escuchar y entender que, de acuerdo a su esposa, se suma a la colección de Ositos de Peluche de ella.

KaraCertified MH Coach '23 | Breakout Leader
Kara and her husband, Michael, have been married for 11 years. They live in the Nashville area, along with their 5 children. Several years ago, after a brief separation, she and her husband attended the Marriage Helper workshop and learned the tools to help them navigate the process of reconciliation. Kara is passionate about setting healthy boundaries (especially with family), clear communication, and overcoming infidelity.
NathanCertified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’20
Not currently taking new clients at this time.

Nathan found Marriage Helper in the fall of 2019 after his marriage was touched by an affair. The principles learned gave him hope that things could change for the better and provided him with a roadmap for how to get there. A recipient of coaching for over two years, Nathan understands the benefit a coach can bring to someone who’s standing for their marriage. With Nathan, you’ll find a friend to remind you that you’re not alone and a mentor to encourage you to do your part in becoming the best version of yourself. There is hope, and Nathan can help you find it.

Director Of Coaching

Melody Oseguera Marriage Helper Director of Coaching

Melody Oseguera

Director of Marriage Helper Coaching | Workshop Facilitator

Melody found MH from a Google Search during her marriage crisis. After attending the Workshop with her husband, they reconciled!

Melody shows her clients what steps to take to begin healing & forgiveness–no matter the current status of their marriage.

With Melody, you’ll adjust your motivation to become a better version of yourself. This will influence positive change in your life and those around you. “Healing, growth, change, & joy can happen, but it all starts with you.”


Melody is not currently taking new clients at this time.


MH Director of Coaching | Breakout Leader ’18

Melody found MH from a Google Search during her marriage crisis. After attending the Workshop with her husband, they reconciled! Melody shows her clients what steps to take to begin healing & forgiveness- no matter the current status of their marriage. With Melody, you’ll adjust your motivation to become a better version of yourself. This will influence positive change in your life and those around you.