This Black Friday, Choose The Path to Marital Renewal

The SMART Contact™ Toolkit

Save Your Marriage with Proven Communication Strategies

In the quiet moments of reflection, you know that your marriage is worth fighting for. You’re not just any couple – you’ve weathered the storms of life together and built something that’s meant to last. As someone deeply invested in preserving the sanctity and joy of your union, you understand the power of right communication. That’s why we crafted the SMART Contact™ Toolkit – because when the foundation shakes, communication is the cornerstone that needs reinforcement.

Now, in an exclusive Black Friday offer, the key to rejuvenating your marriage doesn’t cost a fortune – it’s only $27. Marked down from $89, it’s not just an investment but a beacon of hope for your relationship.

SMART Contact Toolkit

Inside the SMART Contact™ Toolkit:

  • 11 Video Masterclasses: Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes bring you a marriage masterclass, offering wisdom that’s both profound and practical.
  • Blueprints for Effective Communication: Discover what makes communication SMART and how it can be the salve for your relationship wounds.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: We walk you through each phase of SMART communication, so you’ll never feel lost or alone in your journey.
  • Confidence in Every Conversation: Equip yourself with the tools to approach your spouse with assurance and empathy.

Now, picking up the 11-video SMART Contact “masterclass” for only $27 might be enough for some… but not for our team.

Your Limited-Time Black Friday Gifts:

When you choose the SMART Contact™ Toolkit between November 20-30, 2023, these bonuses are our gift to you:

  • Exclusive Roleplaying Webinar: A live, interactive session to practice SMART communication in real-life scenarios.
  • Personalized Communication Assessment: Understand the heartbeat of your marital communication and how to strengthen it.
  • Engaging Conversation Starters: Initiate talks that build, heal, and bring you closer.
  • Your Guide to Calm Conversations: Master the art of de-escalating conflicts, turning arguments into dialogues.
  • Hands-On De-escalation Script: Roleplay through real-life scenarios with a script that guides you toward peace.
  • Conflict Style Discovery: Learn about your conflict style and how to harmonize it with your spouse’s for a more loving interaction.

Your Marriage Deserves This

You’re not just another statistic – you’re someone who refuses to give up. Your family and faith are testaments to your commitment. This toolkit honors that commitment, offering a bridge back to the love that seems distant but is never lost.

The SMART Contact™ Toolkit Black Friday Special

Here’s a recap of everything inside when you join right now…

  • 11 Video Masterclass ($800 Value): Led by Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes, these sessions are your personal marriage seminars, providing insights and strategies worth more than several counseling sessions.
  • SMART Contact Assessment ($100 Value): This personalized assessment, typically reserved for high-priced consultations, offers you a customized blueprint for your communication journey.
  • LIVE Roleplaying Webinar ($300 Value): A workshop experience that brings the nuance of live practice to your home, equipping you with skills that are invaluable in real-world communication.
  • SMART Contact Conversation Starters ($50 Value): These conversation prompts are your key to unlocking heartfelt dialogue, priced less than a relationship self-help book but equally as enriching.
  • The SMART Guide to De-escalation ($75 Value): This guide, often equaled to attending a seminar, provides the peacekeeping strategies you need to maintain harmony.
  • De-escalation Practice Script ($50 Value): Comparable to a session with a communication coach, this script is a rehearsal for real-life peaceful interactions.
  • De-escalation Conflict Style Assessment ($100 Value): Understanding your conflict style is a step towards understanding each other, a step valued at a full counseling hour.
  • Custom SMART Contact Podcast Playlist ($50 Value): This carefully curated playlist is your companion for inspiration, valued as much as a specialized audiobook series.

The worth of these resources is clear, but their value is truly realized in the strength they bring to your marriage. We price this toolkit not by the sum of its parts but by the importance of its purpose: to help you build bridges of communication and understanding with your spouse.

For just $27, you’re not just purchasing a toolkit—you’re choosing to invest in the heart of your home.